Participatory Installation : Blue's place

2019. 2. 23. 23:423D

Interactive installation that invites people into this small space and let them freely examine or use. A fictional story is hidden in this installation, and audience can figure it out if they carefully gather clues from each objects. (they can eat, sit on, write on paper, drink, smell, listen to the objects)

The Clues include : Recorder, Diary, Foods, Newsletter, Photography, Wallet, Pet Food. Chocolates and grapes are just extra. Free foods! Now let's have a closer look on each clues. 

1. Missing Sora Poster. People will be aware that someone is missing by seeing this poster. 

She has a green slime as a pet. 88 Myers-Briggs street that she was last seen means infinity(8) and MBTI that I'm used to study recently.  2. Organic Slime Food is found on the rug. What could that mean?

3. Newsletter saying that a leader of religious community (SSS : Safe Serene Sleep) made copy medicine of Skylake, and distributed to his believers. Skylake is imaginary pill I created before which erases emotions for 8 days. This copy medicine of Skylake has serious side effects such as memory loss, lack of empathy and passion. I wrote this newsletter.

4. That copy pill of Skylake is on the table. Maybe the person who owns this space tried to get information from them? Or...

5. In the wallet, there are Sora's membership card of SSS Community. So some people will catch the hint that Sora was a member of the religious community mentioned in the newspaper. But why is this membership card left on THIS table? What is this place?

6. Also there are Lalala money as an imaginary currency. Issued by Introverted Intuition Centre. Introverted Intuition is one of the psychological functions in MBTI. In the center, there is Absolute Controller(Character I created before) who is a manager of infinite numbers of parallel universe. Three heads on table is the monitoring the use of this money. To be honest, this money isn't relevant clue. 

7. Photography of cut hair that seems to belong to Sora. It just confirms again that she is missing. 

8. A diary. Many things are written inside. People can read and write on it. In the diary, the name SORA is scratched, and written  as BLUE again. So does the diary belong to Sora or Blue? (Blue is who owns this space, you can find this hint by seeing 'To Ms.Blue' on the envelope that contains the photography and missing poster.

9. 9. In the recorder, I put music, and recorded files. 

The titles of music are :Oblivion(Piazzolla), Halved(Ikotu), Always in Reverse(CityGirl), Von(Yoko Kanno). 

The word 'oblivion' and 'halved' are direct clues of what happened to Sora. 

The recorded files are voice of Blue asking people if they have seen Sora. In the file, you can hear people reacts confused at the fact that Blue is asking about Sora. I hope some audience to ask, why do people sounds so confused about that? This is a hint.

The full hidden story : Sora was a member of SSS(Safe Serene Sleep) Community, and was given the pill that erase the emotions. Sora took it, but it erased her memories about herself with emotions as a side effect. Sora developed new identity called Blue. Blue was looking for herself, Sora. 

Sora and Blue are imaginary characters, but at the same time two different sides of myself. Sora is someone who has strong emotions, unstable where as Blue is someone who is more rational, analytical, and rarely emotional, more stable. What happened to Sora is what happened to me in real life. I felt like I lost emotions recently.  That's why I was reading more of MBTI, to understand who really I am. 

Sora side of me is unstable but creative, constantly generating random images in my mind. Blue side of me is stable, effective, problem solving, peaceful. Summer and Winter.

One of the song in the device is called Von by Yoko Kanno. It's chorus is saying 'vetur, sumar, samanrenna' which means 'winter, summer, flow together' in lcelandic. I wrote that in the diary I put on the table. And a random drawings..

As Sora and Blue are imaginary person, Blue(Sora)'s space also imaginary place. So this work is bringing the imaginary situation and entities INTO the real world. 'Imaginary world descending to real world' will always be my theme. 

There were also irrelevant objects. Let's look at them briefly. 

1. I designed the graphic for hip flask and the clock, blanket, wallet. 

2. The image on the white chair is only for visual purpose. Also I hid same image under the rugs, so that people can find.

3. Aloe Vera Juice and Barbie doll is also only for visual purpose. 4. Vinegar and chopsticks are random but people can use it. 

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