Making pouches out of woven fabrics!

2019. 9. 21. 09:042D


Weaving & Sewing Practices

Denim & Gold Chuncky Pastel And used the weave to sew a bag... Electronic Loom Practice in Workshop

I use to weave minty-pretty fabric in the last practice. I'm now making small pouches with it.

First, cut it into proper size. I want to make pouches of 13x10(cm), so the fabric size is (13+1) x {(10x2)+1}. I added 1cm for each direction for overlocking. 
Then overlock! It was done clean and cute. 
A piece to be made with leather lining. Mint + Lilac
hmm.. but the zipper doesn't look that good..?
I decided to add fringe(?) to the zipper
Definitely looks better
left pieces of leather and zipper. The colour match kills me so lovely

(Will be updated soon)

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